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Call-out for articles for April edition of Wai quarterly newspaper

The deadline for the next issue of Wai is the 31st March, with the aim to have the paper out and around the country by the end of April. If you have ideas for articles, email us and we can work something out. Likewise if you have news. Also any photographs, cartoons or even some short stories or poetry would be great. We are also looking for book and documentary reviews to include in our review section so if you have seen or read something of interest and want to share that send it through. Look forward to reading and receiving lots of submissions over the next couple of months.

Been thinking a little bit about restructuring Wai, with work and being based here in Alice it feels hard to be ontop of all the issues around the continent. Wai’s aim and purpose was to be a collective paper and so I’m hoping by the restructuring ideas below that this will strengthen the collective nature of the paper.
The idea I had was as follows: Basically I am looking for people who would be regional co-ordinators for Wai. This would entail sourcing articles, news and campaign updates for Wai. Also I’m imagining the regional co-ordinator would be someone each issue could be sent to and distributed by. The regional co-ordinator would also assist with feedback in design of the paper and help in deciding the front cover and which articles to make as features. For this idea to work there would need to be at least one co-ordinator in each state, although having a couple in each state would make the work easier for everyone. If you are interested let me know. The idea is not set in stone, its just one possible way of reworking Wai, so if you are interested helping out but have you own ideas of how you can do this then email me and we can work something out.
Wai Collective

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Wai costs $1600 to print 3000 copies of the 20 page paper. We are looking
at ways to raise this money so that the paper can stay free. If you would
like to make a donation, or help us raise funds for the paper, please do!
Bank details are:

Bendigo Bank
BSB No: 633-000
Account Number: 135 225 514
Account Name: Wai Quarterly

To contact us, email

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Call Out for a Quarterly National Newspaper


We are looking for people to form a collective to produce a free quarterly creative political tabloid size newspaper. The newspaper’s primarily focus will be on local/national/regional, although articles from a wider part of the globe are more then welcome.

So far we have some very basic ideas and are looking for peoples interested in fleshing these out and making this publication happen.

For the paper in general our ideas are:


  • · 12 to 16 pages, A3 tabloid format, newspaper printed by an independent press company on recycled paper


  • · a couple of main feature articles and some smaller ones
  • · analysis of current issues
  • · historical information
  • · report backs from actions and convergences
  • · practical advice and information
  • · political philosophy/ideas about social change
  • · explorative articles on alternative ways of living, environmental practices, communities,
  • · campaign updates and news sections
  • · a calendar for each state
  • · comics
  • · Infoshop and Food Not Bombs locations/times/contacts

We are aiming to produce the first publication by the end of October so are calling for people who want to be involved in:

  • · Submissions of articles,
  • · photos,
  • · campaign updates,
  • · news,
  • · calendar items,
  • · comics,
  • · or whatever you like…

Deadline for submissions of articles and photos is October 1, but news/updates/calendar sections just in by mid-October.

Articles in the works for the first publication are:

  • · An analysis of the NT intervention, and its links to moving people off land for uranium mining and dumping of radioactive waste
  • · an article about the arms fair in Adelaide this November

Some other ideas we had, if people are interested in writing them, are:

  • · Lex Wotton’s trial
  • · water crisis and conservation, corporate water usage, mining water usage…
  • · world food crisis
  • · g8 japan, what is g8
  • · traditional owners’ declaration of sovereignty in Newcastle area
  • · sustainable farming practices, community gardens, guerrilla gardening…

We also looking at having updates on regular campaigns, so far our short brainstorm has come up with the following:

  • tassie forests and the pulp mill
  • g20 solidarity, and other prison solidarity
  • east gippsland forests
  • lake cowal
  • nukes and uranium mining
  • refugees
  • world without
  • coal action
  • climate change action
  • parkies vic
  • rollback the intervention
  • and whatever else anyone can think of

These ideas are inevitably narrow and we are looking for people to contribute things of as wide range of issues and styles. Poetry, Photography, Creative Non-fiction, Reflective pieces, Practical advice, any idea you’ve got email us and we’ll get talking about it.

Also if you are interested in Distroing and fundraising let us know. The paper will be printed at streamline press and cost between $800-1000 for 3000 papers. We need folks to mail the papers out for us and to write grants and attain uni funding.

We are also looking for people with in design skills as ultimately we want this paper to be designed collaboratively.

As this is a collective interstate project we’ve started an email list for discussion of the ideas mention above and all the other ones you have got.

To be added to the list, you can email


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