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Sorry, About the NT Intervention?

In 2008 a convergence was held in Canberra where 2000 people travelled from around Australia for the opening of parliament to demand an end to the NT Intervention, for the Racial Discrimination Act to be reinstated and for Aboriginal self-determination and sovriegnty. A couple involved in wai quarterly were in Canberra for the convergence and after hearing the speeches in the Workshops at the old parliament house on Monday 11th February 2008 and outside parliament on Tuesday 12th February 2008 decides to transcribe these interviews and put them out in a newspaper. The result of which was Sorry, about the Nt Intervention? a paper which can be downloaded as a PDF below.

Download PDF: SorryAbouttheNTIntervention

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The Election Bugle

“On the 24 November (2007) Australia goes to election. Reading the mainstream press one could think it’s an abstract game controlled by the worm and that its all about the managing of the economy and has nothing to do with actual people. The Election Bugle contains stories about the political issues in a way that is written outside of economic costs or bottom line: true honest stories of what is ignored in the mainstream market orientated press.”

Download PDF: TheElectionBugle


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